Sunday, September 12, 2010


Hello Everybody!

Welcome to my Blog! I hope you enjoy your stay and can take out the most of this! I promise I’ll try to keep up everything updated although it’s hard to keep up sometimes. But I’ll do my best n_n

It’ll be a long journey, a journey full of new experiences, adventures, places, people, work, playblasts, inspiration, short films, films, key frames, concepts, storyboards, well… everything that makes this Industry so amazing.

What am I aspiring? I want to do Animated Films! Bring impossible stories to life and trying to reach the spectators in the best way possible! That’s my passion. 

Now I'm focusing more in Character Development (Animator/Character TD/Character Design) but never leave Story Development behind, creating great ideas for shorts that I would love to do someday.

I have already done our first short Film with 3 very talented friends (Hannes Krieger, Mark Hacker and Stefanie Hiller) in Stuttgart called “Arthur”. It’s already finished and we are very proud of our job, having had only one semester with one class of Maya before… We learned a LOT and had a great time doing it. More to come when we publish it for the world to see. :D

I’m currently in Singapore starting 2 very valuable exchange semesters and majoring in Computer Animation. I officially Study at the Stuttgart Media University (Hochschule der Medien). The major is called Audiovisual Media and is a bachelor of engineering, but as the study was really broad I decided to specialize on Computer Animation it at least in Exchange. =D And why not somewhere totally different? 

Singapore is great! I really like it here, I’ve met very nice Singaporeans and class is fun! I take Characer Animation 1, Rigging for Animation, Digital Painting and Animation Seminar in which I have to do my next short film! =D I’m really looking forward to it! I’ll keep you updated ;)

So much for now, enjoy your life and take the best out of it



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