Thursday, May 5, 2011


Yesterday was the last day of class... now all the final assignments have to be done and I'm quite busy at the moment since I gotta finish them before my internship starts on the 9th of may. n_n

Therefore this post will go right to the point.



This is the plate I planned and drew to do the camera projection

Nuke is quite nice btw, I got the hang of it now and am almost done with this one.


Well this is a tough one to document on a personal Blog, so we are soon opening a Blog for our project where everything will be documented. =) Since it's a co-production we have to document it so that both Universities can stay updated on the progress

Basically what we have done is Look Development and Concept art, here one painting I did:

I only did one because I was more busy with the technical stuff, here one render test with our NPR

This is only one test of several I did so far, I tried to simulate depth of field with this method. The focus would be first on the green tree, then goes to the orange one, goes behind both and then comes back to the macro section where everything blows up haha. It is interesting, but confusing. So we have decided to bury this method for simulating DoF and advance with traditional alternatives. Keeping the look there.

The character design is ready too btw, we both decided on the final one after Daniel literally drew hundreds of different fly's! So we began modelling as well to have something to present on the 12th.

You see an eye rig? Correct, while the model is still not finalized, its actually still instanced, the eyes where pretty much done so I decided to begin rigging them. Since its the only way to facially express himself they gotta be damn flexible. and it is by far the most complex eye rig I have done so far. But works quite good and is really easy to animate.

Since we want a very cartoony style of animation it they had to be fully deformable as well.

The eyelids actually follow the eye movement as well. And by how much percent it follows is completely user defined, and even keyable. n_n

I love rigging creatures, there is always fun challenges involved!

We also had a 2 day acting workshop with Bob Feldman. Super fun! Quite useful too, I gotta include some things I learned to my animations in the future. Here a picture with an awesome team of friends.

and well that's it folks, I gotta sleep and continue work tomorrow.

all the best,


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