Monday, June 18, 2012

openRecentFile tool


Have you ever wanted to open the most recent playblast, rendered image, texture, reference, etc you have done, without having to manually search for in your project directory in order to open it?

This little tool helps you to accomplish this right out of maya! Go crazy and implement it to whatever comes to your mind.

Should work on any OS as well!



Assign the following Python command:

import openRecentFile
# 'yourDesiredFolder' points to the folder within your maya project
# 0 means the latest one, the higher the number the less recent the file will be

to any hotkey or shelf button you want.

Tip: You can add a dropdown menu to your shelf icon to open not only the most recent file, but previous ones as well.


Thanks to Edward Zhou for being too lazy to open his recent playblasts manually... ;)

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