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3 more weeks have gone by and many things have happened in between. Can you believe that half of the first Semester has already gone by? So here I am again to keep you all up to date.

I will be going to Japan todaaaaaaaaaay!!! I’m so excited about it; since I was little I’ve always wanted to go there and now is the day. We have a week free in university in which we should “work” haha but I really needed a break. We decided 2 weeks ago with a friend and booked yesterday the hostel in our first stop, Kyoto, then Tokyo and then another place that is still not fixed.

Since the recess week was coming I tried to push all the Assignments I had a little further. So that I could at least be free in Japan. I don’t want to be doing stuff there and even less in a 10” Netbook =P. 

For Digital Painting we didn’t do that much, a little playing with color correction and beauty:
n_n I always wanted to enhance Megan Fox’s beauty 
After that we had to think of a concept for the mid Term Assignment that is as important as the end Assignment. I chose to do a Concept Art of Valentine. We have still three weeks after Japan to finish it but we are supposed to show our progress so why not showing it here as well? 
For the first week I had to choose the theme and decide what to do. On the second week mood boards, gathering source images and starting layout, and this is how far it came till there.
I hope the end result comes out the way I want =P I’ll try to paint him as realistic as possible. 

For Rigging we learned about dynamics and how to add them to a rig in order to save some time animating secondary movements. Useful for some things but not really for others. But now I’m starting the Neial character I developed 2 Semesters ago in Stuttgart, I really look forward to do him n_n
Here the Character design:

For Character Animation we had to use Ballie and do a short sequence of interaction between 2 of them. We had to put camera, tell a small story and Animate. We had 2 weeks to do that and this is how it looked like in.
The first:

And the second week after revision:

Then I had to do a Walk cycle and a Run cycle with the Human Rig and this is how it ended:

There is still a lot to improve, especially in the run cycle. We hadn’t had any theory on walk nor run cycles before and neither did I look to references. But now that we got a class explaining the motion in them I can improve them a lot more =) Lets see when I have the time to do that, but I definitely want to!

So now the thing that has had me the most occupied… and it is called 

Concept art

Gotita is a new short film I have to do for Animation Seminar on my own. Yes on my own… no Group work allowed haha. They want the students to undergo the entire production pipeline. 

I can’t say much of the story but it is about a little Raindrop that doesn’t want to fall… 

Since its already mid Semester I wanted to use the same strategy as we did for Arthur. That is to finish the first shot with the entire production pipeline involved by now. And yes… here it is, I hope you like it and I’m open to any kind of criticism good or bad n_n But please if it’s bad, be constructive ;)

I hope you enjoyed reading and seeing all the stuff, see you next time!


 P.S. I have some good news! We Arthurians were asked by Tobias Pehböck a friend of Austria if they could use the Arthur Rig, which I had to build for our shortfilm Arthur, for a TV Production for Kids they are doing as a University project. We all agreed and now Arthur will be starring internationally. I look forward to see Arthur alive again. =) It really made my week!

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  1. hey santy!

    endlich habe ich mir die zeit genommen deinen blog zu lesen.
    es ist super interessant.
    was du alles lernst ist wow !
    feedback zu diesem shot habe ich dir gerade schon im forum geschrieben.
    enjoy japan!

    bis bald

    liebe grüße