Sunday, November 21, 2010

2 more weeks to go!

Hello again folks!

At last I found some time in the train to update the blog and tell you how I've been doing n_n. So sorry this comes a little late but after japan there was a lot to catch up.

First let me tell you a little bit about my trip, japan was awesome! Especially Kyoto! It was really as I was imagining it, all the small streets, the temples everywhere, the houses with the curved ceilings... Wow I really liked the city a lot! Tokyo was much more industrial and waaay too big for me, even Though I grew up in a 3,5 million city. I missed a real downtown there, many places in the city don't really look different from each other... But it was still very interesting to be there as a tourist. I even slept in a capsule hotel for 2 nights =D and it was not that bad as everyone thinks it is. haha   The only problem when visiting Japan is that one should go there knowing at least a little bit of kanji... Japanese really don't know how to speak English... but then again, that's part of the adventure =D it was a great trip!

Back again to my university work, it is unbelievable that in less than 3 weeks the semester is ending, time rushes so fast... =( But then again, a lot has happened and there is still a lot to happen in 3 weeks and the next semester!

For digital painting I had to finish the "Valentine" concept art I was doing, here the progress week by week until the last image..

week 2:

week 3:

week 4:
yep that's how it ended, week 1 is in the older post. I hope you like it =P it was really fun to do! Now we are working on the end assignment due by the first week of December. I'm planning to do a kind of fantasy picture, here the first WIP

I won't tell you guys how it is going to look in the end, because not even I have a clear picture of it hehe it will be a small surprise, hopefully a good one XD

For rigging we got the final assignment as well, we have to rig a dragon! The model is pretty cool.

It's really fun to work with it although the geometry is very high-res, so we have to skin in a self made low-res model and use a wrap deformer, let's see how that turns out. But the idea of giving a dragon a way to move and give him life is really motivating! So for the moment Neial will be paused.

For character animation there has been a lot going on. First I had to animate the ball with two feet playing a little bit of football, this is what it ended up doing n_n

Then after that some kind of sport with the human rig, I decided to be a little bit more adventurous and decided to animate someone throwing a shot put...and that rig was so not meant to be turned that much... Haha it was a real pain were I had to reposition the feet frame by frame in order to achieve something acceptable.. It was the second time I used reference for animating. Still have to correct many things but here it is

The last thing we had to do was dancing! That was really fun to do! I wanted to test out my dancing skills and tried an own dance... Don't ask for the reference video because I didn't film myself doing it haha, but there were many rehearsals!

It's of course still not final, we have to give by mid December all our animations polished out, then I'll go through all animations and polish them out. I will post everything when time comes ;) till then, bare with my crappy animations, I have to put more time on other things like "gotita".

So how is "gotita" doing? Pretty good, rendered the last shot last night. =D now I'm focusing on correcting some frames, matching particles and correcting colors while working at the same time in the credits and the sounds. The whole shortfilm is exactly 30 seconds long plus credits as planned  n_n had some problems with the last shot but I think they should be fixed now. I can't talk more specifically about it since I want the short to be a surprise for everyone =) but here I leave you three stills in full resolution of the short, they may look a bit different in the end but you can make yourselves a good idea how it looks like!

Hope you enjoyed them!


P.S. On another topic, have you seen Harry Potter 7 Pt.1 yet? Please go and see it if you haven't. At last a movie worthy of a Harry Potter book! I really liked it a lot. They took the right amount of time, money and talent to do a really good movie in my opinion. =) but then again, I'm a Harry Potter fan. But you should really go. It's worth the look!


  1. hey santy, i love the footballer, sooo coool ;-)!
    it's good to hear from your experiences in japan. the look of gotita is lovely, i'm looking forward to it!

  2. no me gusto la de harry potter! me aburrio mucho!

  3. @Anne: Thanks Ann! Glad you like it! =) haha yep I'm looking forward to it too, 13 days more!

    @Cyndi: Me gusto mas q cualquier otra q se ha hecho antes de HP. No me parecio nada aburrida de alguna manera n_n