Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!
I hope the rabbit treats you well this year! We were yesterday downtown watching all the fireworks here in Singapore, really a nice experience. It's funny to be a foreigner and celebrate different traditions. We ended up wishing happy new year even between "westerns"!

Holidays were really nice! After an intensive Semester at NTU it was really relaxing to be away from the computer for a few weeks. My entire family came and we spent the time together traveling to Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand. All the things I should have visited as an exchange student but were not possible because of lack of time during the semester! and yes I didn't take any computer, what a relief... only an Ipod so I could stay at least connected and draw a Christmas card for everyone!

Have you tried the app "Brushes"? Its kind of neat, although I prefer to paint with a pen than with the finger. But it works for painting on the go. I really hope you had a great Christmas and an awesome start in the new year, beeing it chinese new year or the usual new year for us!

Back to university. A new semester has started! Its already the second week and new Assignments are arriving. This semester is gonna be pretty fun. I chose Digital Painting 2 with Martin Conastable, Caracter Animation 2 with Davide Benvenuti and Preproduction with Hans Bacher. All very experienced and good people in their fields and from which I hope to learn a lot.

Digital Painting 2 started with a warm up Assignment. A set extension of a filmed footage Martin gave us.
given footage, all he told us was to keep an 16:9 aspect ratio

planned the composition and started

Began from the top onwards. Perspective was a challenge.
went to the ground and details
more details

finished extension
 I was quite happy with the result since I only had less than 3 days to work on it.

For Character Animation 2 we started lip syncing. That's really fun!

(Head video that I had to remove because the rig we got for the assignment is not a free one... sorry bout that)

of course it's not perfect, I over-acted him a little bit, he has too many expressions for that small phrase. I will revise it this week and post a newer version with another lip syncing Assignment I gotta do for next week.

For Pre-Production we haven't done that much. It's basically brainstorming for now. I am developing the story for my next short film, that will be the final one as a student... Oh my... that sounds sad... Well I'm not graduating yet, but we only have one semester to produce that short film in my University back in Germany and I don't think that is enough to keep up with the world class productions other University's produce. All of them have at least one year to work on them! So I'm beginning now(at least with Pre-Production), after all 3 and a half months are really extremely short for a 3D shortfilm. So wish me luck n_n. One thing is for sure, I'll do everything I can to not disappoint you all!

Another cool thing that happened this week was that Melvin Tan, head animator at Blue Sky studios, came to NTU to give a speech. It was really interesting and inspiring! It's just mind blowing to see how they push all the poses to the extreme, things I would not have thought would look good. But actually at 24 frames per second, pushing poses to the extreme for a few frames just gives it the little extra 2D kick to make them incredible! Im seriously trying that stuff out. He also saw my animations of Character Animation 1 and gave me a good feedback! Hell Yeah! Now I'm really motivated to keep getting better!

That was it for the first week. There is lots to come in the following weeks so stay tuned,

motivated cheers,


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