Wednesday, February 9, 2011

rough times!

They want to take away our lives! haha I still can't believe it... Today we had Character Animation 2 again and guess what... We have to animate an entire character singing a song and acting. In principle sounds okay, but we have to do over 600 frames in 2 weeks!!! That means we have to do over 25 seconds of "finished" animation... Plus correct the old animations, go to university and do assignments for other courses as well... I don't know how we are expected to deliver good work in such a short time... but I will try my best.

I hope also that I can make this good enough for my reel. Because this will be the last animation piece I do before starting my Reel and sending it off for an Internship. Yep, I have to do an Internship for one whole Semester for my University back in Germany. It's a compulsory part of my studies over there.
So if anyone reading this is interested in recruiting me for 6 months, please don't hesitate to contact me! I'm very flexible with location since I can do the internship in whichever place I want around the world. =)

Back to university, I did mostly Character Animation, so here the revised version of the old animation

(Head video that I had to remove because the rig we got for the assignment is not a free one... sorry bout that)

I don't feel that happy with this one I don't know why, somehow the body is missing. If I don't have the body it's difficult to not overact this head, since you don't really have anything to drag the attention of the spectator. Anyways my Prof. found it better than the old one but I will still try to do some kind of magic to this one.

The following one is one of the new ones

(Head video that I had to remove because the rig we got for the assignment is not a free one... sorry bout that) 

I spend some time with this one and it can be seen. I am pretty happy with it and my Prof. didn't have any mayor complains about it. Some little fixes only.

The last one for this week

(Head video that I had to remove because the rig we got for the assignment is not a free one... sorry bout that)

This was a very peculiar piece. I did this in less than 4 hours trying a different approach. I blocked everything and setted up the timing, without really focusing on lipsync or anything specific. I treated it as a whole to test it out and surprisingly I had something very usable right after I splined my blocking... It had never happened to me, I guess I'm learning little by little where to put my keys right. This is not really very far from the result right away after the blocking. But still it's overacted I know, although I don't think its thaaat bad to overact this line but well, now that I saw it a few times, I will pull it down and give it a little bit of love.

For the other classes I'm sorry but there is still nothing very tangible for Digital Painting 2 or Preproduction for this week, just a bunch of ideas I have to polish.

That's all folks, I gotta get some sleep. Rough times are approaching and I need to get some good healthy sleep for that.

cheers from the battlefield,


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