Thursday, February 24, 2011


Yeah... and feeling much better now. I'm still coughing a little bit but its oki. I don't have any fever anymore and can laugh again without much coughing. What about the 600 frames animation? It had still to be done, thats for sure so here it comes...

Don't be too harsh on me... I find it actually ok. Considering the short amount of time and me coughing every minute with headache for a few days. Should I put it in the reel? I have to finish it till friday, so a newer post will be coming with my first demo reel! It's a strange feeling to show all the work one considers his best, everything is so relative... Lets see how it goes.

There will be news on Digital Painting and Preproduction next week. This week I was focusing on animating and the applications for the internship.

see you guys around,


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