Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Still alive

I'm pretty sick at the moment, caught some cold because of the lab... It's freezing in here! But I'm still alive and work has still to be done.

here the more polished animations you saw last week:

(Head videos that I had to remove because the rig we got for the assignment is not a free one... sorry bout that)

I'll let them like that for the moment, I have a more pressuring animation to do. Here is a very rough blocking of the 600 frames assignment. I hope it's not too catastrophic... I'm splinning and refining at the moment, but thought this would be more interesting to see.

That was it for the moment, I gotta continue working and refining the new one now. I hope you guys had a great Valentine with your special ones.

Oh I almost forgot, we finally have green light from this universities to do a Final Year Project collaboration between my home University and NTU!!! I will be working with Daniel Lee, a very good friend of mine. More details to come on later posts.

coughing cheers,


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