Wednesday, March 13, 2013

2013 starts with Madding Crowd

2013 has started and I hope you are doing great!

It was New Year's Resolution time two months ago and I didn't get to post mine... It's been delayed since I've been waiting for the right moment to do this blog post, but anyways, here it comes... during this year I want to get really fit and keep it that way! I sit way too much on my computer so it’s time to do some sport! The Camino has helped me gain the starting condition, now I only have to enhance it! Now two months have passed and I'm on fire!

My year has started great! I've been very busy creating something unique and with a lot of sentimental value to me…

Yes, we are making it real! After the Camino, I had a great skype session with a fellow colleague and friend of mine Marcus LeVere who had read my thesis. We have similar ideals and both saw the potential on working together to bring it to life. Therefore we agreed to not have a "job" and work on it full-time!

We have been working on all the bits and pieces of Madding Crowd since November, living with very little, but really happy to build something that will benefit the entire industry. We just launched v0.2 and have started to invite our friends in. If you are eager to get early access and find out what we are up to click on the logo above for a pleasant surprise...

Our goal is to make Madding Crowd self-sustainable in the future, but we still need to steer it in the direction we want. We have learned a lot while developing it and hit some big barriers for whom we had to find our own way around. But for all those kind of things you can visit the Madding Crowd blog.

One of the many benefits of working at Madding Crowd is the location independence that I now have. Since everything can be managed and developed online, I took it very seriously and started work-traveling, becoming a bit of a nomad. It has been a fantastic experience!

I spent the first month working in Chicago at my best friend's place. I really like that city and we had an epic time, even spent my birthday there!

my workplace with the perfect motivation, 312 beers and Audrey Hepburn

It's really awesome to have your best friend as flatmate! We had a lot of fun and the weather was actually quite nice since I was coming from 25cm of snow in Zurich at my brother's place... I heard things don't look as nice recently.

After a great time in Chicago, I had to say goodbye earlier and head to Guayaquil-Ecuador to to the place I grew up. My parents were not feeling very well, my dad broke his Achilles tendon and my mom got herself a lumbago... Good thing I am actually able to work from everywhere!

Thankfully, they are both doing great back again and I'm still in Guayaquil, but not for much longer. The adventure continues in May, but more on that on the next blog post!

Be sure to stay tuned, there are many things to come with Madding Crowd maturing. It's great to see our little baby grow, kind of scary too though.

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